Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Calm Before The Storm

So I found out what really happened with my mother and her freak out. I finally dragged it out of my sister. Nobody wanted to tell me because they were afraid I would flip out on her.

Where do I begin. The following all happened between the 22nd of last month and the 4th of this month.

She told my sister that she was going to call CPS on her and get grandparent's rights.
She kept Ollie overnight against my sister's will.
She chased my other sister down the street, mom in the car, sis on foot.
She drove the car into my brother's front door.
She called DH and I to tell us that she saw Hubb's cousin on Dog the Bounty Hunter, which isn't true. In the same conversation, she talked about getting my brother's car fixed. The car was traded in over a year ago. Not a single thing she said in the entire phone call made sense.
She called our in-home daycare lady and kept her on the phone for 2 hours just "chatting".
She called my boss to ask if I was drunk. That was pretty embarrassing to explain.
She has stopped paying the bills. The repo people are going to show up any day now. The insurance has lapsed. The utilities are going to be shut off.
She has hid not paying the bills for 3 months from my dad.
She asked if she could use my credit card because she found something online that she wanted to buy. When I told her no, we don't have credit cards anymore, she asked me if the bank would let her do a cash advance with only a credit card number and expiration date.
She went behind my back and asked Hubbs for money after I told her no.
She has put my dad on an allowance.
My little sister and her husband (who make minimum wage and is trying to support 2 kids) loaned her $1k to pay the bills with. She didn't pay the bills.
She threatened to report my sister's car as stolen. Same goes with the truck they gave to her husband.
She has repeatedly told my dad that she was going to shoot him, and then herself. The guns are now hidden at my home.
She threatened to take a whole bottle of pills.
She told my dad to just divorce her because she wants to be alone.
She stands just inside her door and waits for Hubbs to pick up Monk Man from school so she can run her crazy ass down the driveway to try talking to them.
She watches Monk Man play on the playground every day from her front yard.
She made my grandma (my dad's mom) move out. She blames her for me having issues with my other grandma.

I have had nightmares about her sneaking in to our home and trying to take one of my kids. Hubbs has had to start parking in the school parking lot and walking all the way around to pick up Monk Man instead of parking across the street from the school JUST so that she can't ambush him and make the kids talk to her. I have had to call the school and tell them that she isn't allowed anywhere near Monk Man. I made the school put a note in his file that, under no circumstances, is she to pick him up from school. All 3 people that work in the office with me know about what happened. Our daycare lady knows what happened and knows she can't be around them.

I hadn't heard anything from her between the 5th of this month until yesterday. It was a little too peaceful. I cringed anytime our home phone rang. The house was all locked up all the time. The kids were supervised in the back yard. I didn't let my cell phone out of my sight.

Well, yesterday, she decided to drop in on me at work. Apparently she couldn't wait to give my birthday present to me. But the weird thing is that she was completely normal. Like normal person normal. It was the most bizarre thing ever.

After talking it over with my MIL, the boss lady and Hubbs, all 4 of us have come to the conclusion that this is only the calm before the storm. We are just waiting for something else to happen.

I am ready to be done with her crazy ass. Really. No more contact. Ever. I am appalled at her behavior. If ANYONE threatened to call CPS on me or broke chairs in front of my kids or threatened me with grandparent's rights, they would be dead to me. And she KNOWS I would do it without a second thought. None of those things happened directly to me but I am still THAT pissed off that it happened at all.

Ugh. I could just scream!

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Anonymous said...

HOLY SHIT! Sounds like your mom needs some medical intervention. Perhaps a few screws loose up in there....and if things are just going to get worse, I hope you can get her some help fast!