Saturday, April 26, 2008

Stockpiling food? WTF?

In case you don't want to read the whole article, this is the VERY FIRST LINE! "I don't want to alarm anybody, but maybe it's time for Americans to start stockpiling food.
No, this is not a drill."

Ummm, yeah. You DO want to alarm people, otherwise this would not have been the opening sentence and it would not have been on Yahoo's homepage. STUPID as HELL! Bring on the rioters.

I was brought up LDS and as you probably already know, that church recommends that families keep a year supply. I don't exactly think that is a bad idea. In fact, I know a few people that actually had to use it and their family would not have eaten if it wasn't for the year supply.

But when I hear stockpiling my mind automatically goes to The Great Depression type scenarios. Not good.

But I guess I really SHOULD have more canned goods in my pantry. But if things get as bad as in the past (Great Depression), I better load up on ammo too. And have some cash on hand.

But let me be honest. This is a mobile home, a trailer. It isn't exactly the epitome of storage space. KWIM? He he he, we could always hide the food UNDER the trailer....

For the record, no, I am not JoJoBob. For those of you that were wondering. :)

Friday, April 25, 2008

One less thing to do

LOOKY!!!! I added a bunch of blogs to my blog roll. Except it isnt called a blog roll. I named it Read This (or read these IDK). I am so proud of myself.
<-----------------Its over there.
If I somehow forgot your blog, let me know.

My birthday presents

So as I mentioned, my birthday was on Monday. I turned 26. I even got gifts!

Hubs got me 2 roses, one pink, one white. I got them in the ground Wednesday. Last Sunday, we went to Red Lobster for my birthday dinner. Months ago, Hubs got me Guitar Hero and said it was for my birthday. I was totally fine with that.
My MIL and SFIL got me an gift certificate (awesome) which I spent on Season 1 of Hell's Kitchen and a Nine Inch Nails CD.
Nonnie got me an elephant figurine.
Mema I. let me go through her shelves and pick out what I wanted. I chose a glass candy dish.

I feel like I did pretty well of gifts. I got much more than what I was expecting to get. Thank you all for the stuff!

Planting a garden

So I finally got my ass in gear and started planting again. After a couple of years with no garden, I was starting to get the DTs.

Ewww. I just found a roach.

Gross. There was a roach in the bathroom. Did you know that Lysol works as roach killer? I didnt. It was just the closest thing I could grab.

Aside from the occasional Daddy Long Legs spider or fly, we dont have bugs in the house. Never! I try to keep a clean house. Messy, but its clean.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lazy ass

I am SUCH a lazy ass. I have tons of blog posts saved as drafts but I usually get interrupted or something and never get back around to adding anything to them so they can be published. If I don't finish a post in one sitting, it will never get finished.

There is so much good material in the news that I have opinions on but everything takes so much energy to type about. Its like my book that I have been working on forever. It takes so much effort.

I guess my goal for next week is to finish my posts-in-progress. And I need to add some people to my blog roll. And it is time for new pictures on the "other" blog. Ugh, and I want to add some new "features" to this blog and get a picture of my face on here too. I HAVE to stop putting this stuff off. Hell, I am at work, what else am I supposed to do? Work? Ha ha ha, NEVA! (Just kidding CC & BB)

Better get started on finishing my crap!

Monday, April 21, 2008


As promised, I am updating with my ROAKs.

Today when Monk Man got a Popsicle out of the freezer for breakfast, I did not get mad and take it away. I let him enjoy it. Even though he dripped all over the kitchen and down the hall and all over the outside of my purse.

I also helped BB look for some forms on the Internet.

I also smiled.

Not really big things, but I know at least one of them was appreciated.

Friday, April 18, 2008


Ok, April 21st (Monday) is ROAK day. (Its also my birthday)

What is ROAK? It stands for Random Act Of Kindness.

This is all you have to do to participate..........just do something nice for someone else. Very simple. Pay for coffee for the person behind you, hold the door open for someone, take cookies over to your neighbors. Anything at all.

On April 22nd (Tuesday) I will come back and post what I did and for whom.

Feel free to share your ROAK too.

Extreme Thinness Banned

Taken from Fashion Week banned too-skinny models. So did New York Fashion Week. And now, France wants to ban promoting extreme thinness. Ultrathin models, it seems, have fallen out of style.

According to an article I found: In Italy, authorities and fashion designers last month adopted guidelines banning models if they do not meet a body mass index equivalent to 55 kilos (121 pounds) for someone measuring 1.75 meters (five foot seven). I would be tall enough to model in Italy but not heavy enough. Five foot 7 and 121 lbs. Now that is healthier than 5 foot 7 and 96 lbs (Which I have been, before EACH pregnancy.)


I am a skinny chick. I have been my entire life. I have also struggled with my self-esteem, well the lack of self-esteem actually. Wanna hear what I think about this? Of course you do.


It is about damn time! I think it is great news. I hope that this will help change how people see beauty. You dont have to be thin to be beautiful. I am thrilled that the fashion people have finally realized that beautiful people come in all shapes and sizes.

Eating disorders are not sexy. They are life threatening diseases. What is sexy about seeing hip bones and ribs and sunken in faces? What is hot about taking laxatives or sticking your finger down your throat? I cant speak for anyone else, but I think it is gross, not attractive.

And it isnt just women that are suffering from these diseases. Men battle Anorexia and Bullemia too. If you dont believe me, google Male Eating Disorder Statistics. You will be shocked.

I will be the first to admit that I could stand to gain a few pounds. I like my after baby body (except for the stretch marks and saggy skin) because I finally have some curves. I look and feel healthy. After I had Monk Man, I managed to keep some of the weight on for about a year. I am not sure about after I had Bobblehead. He is 6 months old and I have yet to step on a scale. (Too scared to.)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


P.J. is alive! I am so happy I could cry.
Monday, Hub called me at work and told me I needed to come home. Something had happened to one of my fur babies.
So I pulled up into the driveway and he has the truck hood open. There is fur everywhere. As it turns out, P.J. was sleeping in the truck engine and when Hub started the truck, he heard a thud and, poof, all this hair started flying out of the engine compartment.
We looked and looked for this stupid cat. Monday passes, then Tuesday passes. Nothing. I was starting to lose hope that P.J. made it.
After I woke up this morning, I was sitting outside smoking while I was waiting for the coffee to finish brewing. My mind has been playing tricks on me since Monday night so I kept hearing meowing. And then I saw him. My heart skipped a beat. I had never been so happy to see one of the fur babies in my life.
I was afraid to pick him up or pet anywhere but his fuzzy little head. Ugh. He does look pretty pitiful. His tail is broken and his back is naked in a big strip where the fan belt must have pulled out his fur. But other than that, he seems just fine.
I will call our vet this morning to see what we can do for a broken tail. If anyone knows of an effective home remedy, please post it and save me around $75.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I heart SAHDs.

SAHD=Stay at home dad

Hub is a SAHD. Most of the time.

He is a railroader so his job really depends on the state of the economy. Bad economy, not enough goods to ship, not enough trains.

This is the 3rd year he has been at this job. The first year he worked all the time. The second year, he was laid off for most of the year. This year he has hardly worked at all. Understandably, he gets kinda depressed and bored not being able to work.

But the railroad PAYS him not to quit. Yeah, you read that right. He gets a paycheck every 2 weeks and we keep our amazing insurance. It works out great most of the time.

Hub is a great dad. Monk Man seems to enjoy the time with him and he is learning a lot. Come to think about it, both Hub and Monk Man are learning a lot from each other.

I loved being a SAHM (stay at home mom). But I got too bored and spent too much money. So I had to go back into the work force. Given the choice between working and staying at home, I would choose staying at home. In a heartbeat. Dont get me wrong, I love my job, but (no offence to Nonnie) I want to be the one raising my boys.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008