Saturday, May 29, 2010

Finally Over

We are finally done with the T-ball season.

Thank goodness.

This whole having 2-3 games a week at 4:00 was starting to get old. It is really hard for me to ask to leave early. I usually don't have any problems asserting myself at work but leaving early and taking days off makes me feel a little bad. Weird huh?

Plus it was getting kinda expensive!
$35 for enrollment
$85 for pictures
$25 for pants and socks
$10 for new shoes
$25 for a glove
$35 for a bigger glove
$50 for a glove for Hubbs
$25 for a Tee
$5 for a ball
(all close estimates)

Plus trips to the concession stand for Bobbleheads snacks to keep him from running around annoying everyone else around us. Yes, I admit it. I kept my 2 year old busy by stuffing his face with nachos, cheese fries, sno cones, ring pops, hot dogs, corn dogs, jerky, granola bars and whatever else I could get my hands on.

Oh and then there was the $30 I had to fork out for raffle tickets because I will not go around begging people to buy tickets to "win" a free oil change. I put the " because the raffle really isn't ever held. It is just another ploy to sucker people out of money.

Can you tell that I am not happy with how this whole thing turned out? But I will suck it up and let Monk Man play again next year because it makes him happy.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Where Did That Come From

Last night, after the boys went to bed, Hubbs and I were sitting in the living room, watching some cake baking show.

Hubbs: Just found out Erin is having another baby.
Me: Hmmm. That's nice.
Hubbs: You know, that makes her even with us.
Me: Yep.
Hubbs: We should have another baby. So, you know, we can stay ahead.
Me: (mouth dropping open and shaking my head back and forth) Oh no. No no no!
Hubbs: You don't want another baby?
Me: Fuuuuuuuck no.
Hubbs: Can we get another dog then?
Me: If it keeps you from even THINKING about us having another baby, yes. I will even let you go pick it out yourself.

I love my boys but the thought of getting pregnant again makes me want to run far far away. I am totally ok with adoption (of course) or even foster parenting in the future.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Busy Busy Busy!

Whoah! Has the past month been a whirlwind for anyone else??!!!??

SO much has happened since my last post.

My baby sister asked me and Hubbs if we would be willing to take Ollie (my nephew) if anything were to happen to her. Of course we said of course. Hubbs told my mom that we would be willing to take him right now if they would let us. Poor little guy just needs a family that would really love him. His sperm donor signed away all of his parental rights after a DNA test gave us proof that he was indeed the father. And my baby sister treats Ollie like an inconvenience. Yep, I would be more than happy to adopt my nephew.

Hubbs brought home a notice from work saying he was being offered a chance to relocate to Denver with a huge bonus. We are seriously considering it. The only thing we are waiting on is to hear back from one of the train masters to see if he has the right kind of seniority or whatever. I am SO excited at the possibility of being able to start over!

Monk Man is almost done with T-ball. Friday is his last game of the season. I am very much ready for that shit to be over with.

Hubbs and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. He bought me a laptop. I didn't buy him shit. I felt a little guilty about it but then I found out that he bought something himself.

Which brings me to the next topic. Hubbs bought a motor home yesterday. This big ass motor home has been living in my FIL's back yard for years. It belongs to step-MIL's parents. They live a few hours away and come down here during the summer because it gets super hot where they live. They pack up their motor home and hide in the woods all summer. They decided that they are getting too old for it and asked FIL to sell it for them. Which he did. To Hubbs.

So guess who gets to get a loan to pay for the damn thing? And get insurance? And find a place to store it? Ding Ding Ding. Me! AND all this needs to be done by Friday afternoon because we have plans to go camping over the 3 day weekend.