Friday, July 31, 2009

A Nice Suprise For Once

My boss just told me that I am getting a raise.

Even better, it is retroactive back to the beginning of this pay-period.

It really isn't much but it is better than not getting anything at all.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009


McDonalds can kiss my ass.

On Saturday night, I promised Monk Man that if he helped me vacuum, I would take him out for an icecream, plus give him a dollar.

Oh the horror, he is only 4! Well, that's what my mom said when I told her about my brilliant plan to teach him some responsibility. Whatever, mom.

So we get the chores done and everybody loads into the HHR. Even Hubbs. But only because he is shit faced drunk and is afraid of my wrath if he declines.

I pull into the drive thru and wait at the ordering box. And wait. And wait. FINALLY we get some one to take our order.

I order 1 McCafe drink, 2 vanilla cones, and a McFlurry. We pull up to the window to pay. And wait. And wait. And wait.

Meanwhile, the cars are lining up behind us. After being ignored for way too many minutes, I finally caught the attention of somebody and asked if anybody still worked there. Of course I got the blank stare. The manager came over and asked the drive-thru cashier what the hold up. She pointed to the computer screen, then over to us and then back at the screen again. And the manager walks away.

The boys are both getting restless so they are poking and pinching each other. I just couldn't keep my mouth shut anymore so I looked over to Hubbs and said "Should we just go? We shouldn't have to wait 15 fukkin minutes for 3 fukkin icecreams and a sucky ass coffee".

Damn my bad luck because just as I was being shitty, the cashier decided at that exact minute to come to the window. Of course! I turned my head back to the window to see her standing there with her mouth open and I handed her the $$. Whoopsy.

Ugh. This foot in mouth shit seems to be a new pattern lately.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Cheese Cake Recipe

Ohhh this sounds so good. Thanks to Betsy from the coupon board!

Chocolate Chip Cheesecake

Crust: 2 C chocolate wafer crumbs
1/2 C sugar
1/2 C butter, melted

Filling: 24 oz cream cheese
1 C sugar
2 T flour
4 eggs
1/3 C whipping cream
1 tsp vanilla
6 oz miniature chocolate chips

To make crust: In a medium bowl, stir together crumbs and sugar, pour in butter. Press onto the bottom and 2 inches up the sides of a 9-inch springform pan; set aside.

To make filling: beat cream cheese and sugar until smooth. Add flour and beat well. Add eggs, beating on low speed just until combined. Add whipping cream and vanilla, beat just until combined. Stir in 3/4 C of the chocolate chips. Pour into crust. Sprinkle with remaining chocolate chips. Bake at 325 for 50-55 minutes or until center is almost set. Cool on wire rack for 1 hour. Refrigerate overnight. Let stand 30 minutes at room temp before slicing.


For the "chocolate wafer crumbs" you can use any type of solid chocolate cookie/cracker such as chocolate graham crackers or teddy grahams. The cheapest alternative I have found is the big bag of chocolate animal crackers. Run them through a food processor to quickly crush them, or do it by hand.
For the whipping cream, buy the smallest container there is (it looks like a small milk carton you would get in grade school). It contains 1 C of whipping cream, so after you use 1/3 C, measure out two more 1/3 C servings and put into zip lock bags, then freeze them. You can use them in your next cheesecake! Unless of course, you have other plans for the leftover whipping cream, but mine always expires before I find another use for it, so I started freezing it.
On my last cheesecake I raised the oven temp to 330 and it cooked closer to the time frame in the recipe. Otherwise I sometimes have it in there for close to double the time! Just keep checking it, take it out when the very center is not liquid/ jiggly anymore. If the outside edges start to get brown, put some tin foil on it.
When baking in the springform pan, some of the butter may leak out (depending on how tight your pan is), so place another pan underneath to catch the butter, preferably something with sides, like a jelly roll pan. If possible, put the pan on the rack below so the springform pan doesn't end up directly sitting in butter. Regardless, you may want to wipe down the outside bottom of the springform pan once it's cooled so you don't get grease wherever you set it down.
If making cupcakes, bake at 330 for 35 minutes (approx). Use cupcake liners, or spray with non-stick spray, but I honestly don't know how easy they would be to get out without liners. I put in 1 T crust and 1/4 C filling for the ones I brought last Sunday. To easily pack it down, find a measuring cup that fits into the cupcake pan and press down the crust with that.
If making mini cupcakes, bake at 330 for 20-25 minutes (approx). I didn't use liners in my mini pan, I sprayed and since it was a silicone pan I could easily push them out. I used a baby spoon to press down the crust.
You can make lots of "flavors" using this recipe as a base. Just switch out the crust if you want regular graham cracker crust, leave out the chocolate chips and add in whatever you want like raspberry/strawberry preserves, nuts, caramel, etc. The possibilities are endless! (And delicious!)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Or Maybe Not

The weather forecast for the area we are planning our camp out calls for Scattered Thunderstorms into Tuesday.

Well, that's nice.

We are postponing the trip until the weekend after next. The boys are so disappointed. But to make it up to them, I think I am going to let them camp out in the back yard Saturday night.

I was so pissed off about it that I couldn't sleep last night. I understand that no one has control over the weather, but it still makes me mad.

So I am off to blog stalk and sulk.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Am Such A Tool

I was just at the K, getting a Dr Pepper. While I was getting buckled up, I noticed this dude walking into the store. He was older, starting to go bald, wearing tube socks pulled up to his knees, khaki shorts and a Hawaiian print dress shirt. I giggled and thought to myself, "That reminds me of my dad, but dorkier."

As I was driving off, I happened to get a better look at the guy as he was walking back out of the store.

You know where this is going, huh.

Yep, it WAS my dad. LoL

Monday, July 20, 2009

Camping Anxiety

I have been swagging for "Tips on Camping With A Toddler" and came across the funniest thing.

"Camping with children is one of the true joys in family life."

Ha! Who do they think they are kidding?

Monk Man is already all stressed out about our trip. He had himself soooo worked up yesterday. I couldn't help but laugh at him. He was worried about where he was going to poop.

You should have seen the look on his face when he figured it all out. It was a pretty interesting (funny) conversation. "Wha wha wahddya mean, there's no potties?" came first, followed by "I have to find a tree?" and "what if somebody sees me?" He finished with "Oh that's just gross, I just won't poop".


On the bright side of things, I am half-way packed up and ready to go! It is all sitting in re-usable Safeway bags I got for free and in Rubbermaid boxes, half in the kitchen and the other half in the living room. It is all so unorganized right now it is driving me batty. But the kids keep getting into it and moving the stuff around so there isn't any use in trying to keep it organized.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


We are going camping next weekend.

Before we had kids, we went camping a couple of times. But we had a (very tiny) camp trailer. That is long gone. The first time Hubbs got laid off a few years ago, we sold it and all our stuff to pay some bills. Even with the camp trailer I still thought I was "roughing it".

This time, we are really going to be roughing it, in a tent.

Did I mention we are taking are taking both boys and both dogs?

Ugh. What am I getting myself into?

At the very least, this trip should provide some cute pictures for their scrapbooks. If I don't stress myself to death about it first. And yes, I already have a few lists going so I don't forget anything. I started that the minute after Hubbs suggested going.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Giggles

Want to know what makes me LOL. Really LoL, hard enough that the guys in the office want to know what is so funny?

"What in tarnation?"

I have read that seemingly harmless phrase in a few blog and forum posts a lot lately. Usually I can stifle the giggles pretty well but those 3 words just kill me. I just can't help myself.

It must be the way my mind hears it. When I say it in my head it sounds just like Yosemite Sam and I think that is why it is so damn funny.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Would Have Rather Not Known

This just happened.

A customer came in to pay a bill while I was alone in the office.

Me: Afternoon.
Customer: Hows you today?
Me: Just fine. And yourself?
Customer: I knows yous fine.
Me: Huh?
Customer: I knows yous fine.
Me: Whatever. Today is NOT the day to start that shit.
Customer: What day you wants me to come back? What. Why yous lookin at me like dat? Yous gonna blush?
Me (shaking my head): You really don't want to know. I happen to like my job so I will just keep quiet.

Barf. I would have DIED if any of the guys I work with would have been around to witness that. I would never hear the end of it. I would be the butt of the jokes for months.

As if the way he speaks wasn't bad enough, this guy has to be in his 60's. Yes, a grown ass man that should know better speaks like a little hoodlum. I can't stand this guy. I saw him at Yal-mart (of all places, of course) the other day. I tried my hardest to avoid him but he kept showing up in every other aisle I needed to go to.

Ugh. Well, on the bright side.....damnit. I can't see the bright side to this.

Maybe the bright side is that at least someone still thinks I am hot after 2 kids and no sleep?

Nope! That doesn't make me feel any better. I am still pretty creeped out by the whole thing.

Taxes and Unemployment

I think I just figured out that the railroad isn't taking any taxes out of Hubbs' unemployment pay.

Uh oh.

We have been getting unemployment since February, I think. It isn't like regular unemployment. He is being paid out of his Railroad Retirement fund and will have to replenish it when (if) he ever gets back to work.

They have sent 0 paystubs so I cant be 100% sure that taxes aren't being taken out but I am pretty sure they really aren't taking anything out.

So.....what do I do now? Will our kid credits cover the taxes not paid? I think we are going to be royally screwed when tax time comes around but does anybody have any suggestions?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Action Movie Weekend

We watched a few action movies this weekend.

First, we watched Live Free or Die Hard. The best part of the movie is when they are in the tunnel. Monk Man has seen it so many times that he can recite lines along with the actors.

We rented Death Race. I expected a cheesy movie. I only rented it because Jason Statham was in it. I ended up actually really liking it, and not just for the hotness that is Jason Statham.

Then Wanted came on Skinamax so we watched that. James McAvoy is smokin hot with the sweat and the muscles. He is a pretty good actor too.

Last, we watched Hitman. I think it is the sexiest action movie I have ever seen. Timothy Olyphant (who, oddly, was the bad guy in Live Free or Die Hard) did a wonderful job playing Agent 47. I could watch this film over and over. Hitman has replaced Silence of the Lambs as my all time favorite movie. I even like to watch the video game played.
Hubbs sat down to watch Death Race with me. He asked me what the movie was about. I had to tell him the truth, that I had no idea and could care less what the story line was. Hubbs told me that I needed to stop renting movies based on who was in them.

LoL Fat chance of that ever happening.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

NWA and Delta

Are you kidding me?

This article blows my mind. Delta airlines had some designer make them a red uniform. What is the catch? Airline attendants have to be a size 18 or smaller to be able to wear it. Now Delta does offer other uniforms in the bigger sizes. They are just boring navy blue and white things.

Patricia Reller, who handles grievances for the union's executive committee, said Friday that even if there was only one flight attendant who wore a size over 18, that person should be able to wear the stylish red dress.

I totally agree! This uniform should be offered in every size. Nobody wants to be that one person that can't wear what the rest of your co-workers are wearing. Plus, if it is a uniform, something your employer REQUIRES you to wear, it should be made available to EVERYONE, no matter your size.

"I want them to look sexy and great, but you have to keep that classic look as well," Tyler told The Associated Press at the time.

What kind of bullshit is that? That "classic look" has been gone for years! Gone are the times of limiting the job to the size 2, 22 year old, white woman. And I think that designer Richard Tyler should be beaten (ok, boycotted maybe) for saying something like that. Dude, pull your head out of your ass and realize that most people don't look like the size 0 models you are used to working with.

Personally, I don't care if my flight attendant is a man or woman, young or old, white or purple, Mormon or Wiccan, straight or gay, whatever! As long as they can do the job of fluffing my pillow or bringing my drinks in those teeny little bottles, it makes no difference to me.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

All I Have Done Lately

Is bitch.

I looked over my last few posts and they are so bitchy.

Whoops. There are a few shitty things going on in life right now and they have been pissing me off to no end. I feel like everything is all screwed up and not getting any better.

So sorry for being so cranky here lately. I will try to have some posts here soon that are a little more on the normal-for-me side.

Thanks for taking the time to read me!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Another Monday In A String Of Mondays

I am about ready to rip my hair out and it isn't even noon yet.

Hubbs decided to get up with me this morning. That's always so much damn fun. I get up earlier than everybody else for a reason! Then he got a call from the guy he is helping with HVAC stuff and was told that he wasn't needed until around 1 this afternoon. He must have forgotten that I have to work at the normal time and started begging for me to put out. Yeah, right dumbass.

So he went back to bed and left me (just like always) to get the boys ready by myself. Apparently, while I was getting their clothes, Monk Man and Bobblehead somehow managed to empty the entire tub of soapy water onto the bathroom floor. I swear I was only gone 2 minutes. At least I wont have to mop this weekend, since I got to do it this morning.

I get the boys in the car when Monk Man kicks over a FULL 44oz cup of Sprite. I don't drink Sprite so whatever Hubbs, thanks for leaving a full soda in my car.

And now I am at work. Normally it is a great place and I enjoy being here. But not today. The boss brought his kids. Both of them. Two girls. They are playing secretary today and probably for the rest of the week. Oh goody.

It has been a madhouse all morning with all the running, and the skipping, and the jumping, and the eating, and the spilling, and the chattering, and the fighting, and the whining. I am soooo sick of hearing "Are you done working on your computer yet?" The boss is even letting them answer the phones. So that means the girls pick up the phones, the people on the other end ask for "That Other Girl", and I get to explain why it sounds more like a daycare center than normal.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Little Rock-Star

Here is Monk Man doing the Devil Horns like the rock-stars do. We worked on it for months! He could never get his fingers to stay in the right position. It always ended up looking like the I love you sign and that was soooo not what I was going for. LoL


I uploaded it to Facebook and MIL asked if it was the daycare gang sign. Snort.

Now if I can get Bobblehead to learn it. And get them to pose for a picture together. That would drive MIL completely batty. And it would be AWESOME!

A Lesson In What Goes Around

I had just put Bobblehead into the shower and was getting ready to get in myself when I heard a thud followed by Wwwwaaaaaaaaaa!

I got wrapped up in a towel and found Monk Man laying on the floor in the kitchen, crying.

"Moooooommmmmm, I falled off the counter"

"Dude, what were you doing on the counter?"

"I wanted da candy so I waited till you got in the shower and climbed up on da counter and I falled down"

"You okay?"


"Well, I am sorry you got hurt but you aren't supposed to climb on the counter, not even for candy. That is what happens when you do things you aren't supposed to"

"Okay. Kiss it and make it better"

Silly boy. He is fine by the way. Just a couple of scratches on his side. Oh, now he is demanding a band-aid. Ugh. At least I have had enough coffee to make it to work.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Nothing Exciting

Gah. I have a case of the Mondays. I can't come up with anything interesting to blog about.

My Thursday with Monk Man went fine. We ended up doing everything but make the cookies. That is only because Hubbs got off work early and hogged the kitchen.

The 4th of July was fun too. We BBQ'd ribs and just hung out all day. As soon as it started getting dark outside we dragged the lawn chairs to the back patio to watch the fireworks.

Bobblehead was mesmerized! Last year he was too little to enjoy it so he just went to bed. This year, every time he saw a firework he would Oooohhhhh and squeal.

Monk Man was pretty excited until they took a break. Then he was bored so out came our secret weapon.

I am not sure what they are called but they are little twists of paper with gunpowder or something in them. They pop and spark when you throw them on the ground. Whatever they are called, they were a big hit this year.

Someone in the neighborhood was shooting off their own fireworks and they were going off right over our house. I mean right over our house. Fireworks are illegal in Arizona because of inexperienced assholes like that. They finally moved to the park a block away after I started yelling at them.

I may or may not have called someone a douchebag.

I also may or may not have threatened to kick some asses if they didn't "take it somewhere else".

I may or may not have had a little too many wine coolers that night too.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Plans for Tomorrow

I had to take the day off of work Thursday to stay with Monk Man.

Daycare is closed the rest of the week because they are going camping. My mom has both boys today. Yikes. She told me last week that there was NO way that she could handle both of them for 3 days in a row and that I would have to figure out what to do with one of them for at least one of the days.

So I took the day off. Bobble head is still getting dropped off at my mom's house though. It is going to be Monk Man and Mom day.

I, being a little....well, anal and controlling.....have already planned some of the day. This is how I HOPE things go.
~We are going to sleep in
Yeah right. I will be lucky to sleep in until 7ish. Bobblehead is a morning person and he takes waking up very seriously.
~Shower and get dressed
This usually goes pretty smoothly.
~Drop Bobblehead off.
I can't wait to see the look on their faces when we show up. She only said I had to figure out what to do with one, not both. Ha ha!
~Do some fun grocery shopping
Our stash of chocolate chips, marshmallows, fruit snacks and other snacks is getting pretty low.
~Stop at the local coffee shop
It has been a long time since we have gotten to spend a whole day with each other, alone, and I think I will need the extra caffeine around 9, maybe 8:30.
~Make cookies
Monk Man requested this last night. He loves to help cook and cookies are just about the only thing I have enough patience to let him help with.
~Head down to the Creek
About 10 miles out of town we have a small leg from the Colorado River, which we call Clear Creek. It really isn't clear at all. It has a beachy area that Monk Man will be able to wade around in and enjoy being out of the house.
I am keeping my fingers crossed that the Creek wears him out enough to be able to take a nap without a fight.

Aaaannnd that is it. That is as far as I have planned. I think I will leave the rest of the day up to him. I have a feeling it will entail the PS3, PlayDough in the house (eek) and a bike ride around the neighborhood.

Pssstttt....wish me luck. It is going to be a busy busy busy day!