Saturday, May 29, 2010

Finally Over

We are finally done with the T-ball season.

Thank goodness.

This whole having 2-3 games a week at 4:00 was starting to get old. It is really hard for me to ask to leave early. I usually don't have any problems asserting myself at work but leaving early and taking days off makes me feel a little bad. Weird huh?

Plus it was getting kinda expensive!
$35 for enrollment
$85 for pictures
$25 for pants and socks
$10 for new shoes
$25 for a glove
$35 for a bigger glove
$50 for a glove for Hubbs
$25 for a Tee
$5 for a ball
(all close estimates)

Plus trips to the concession stand for Bobbleheads snacks to keep him from running around annoying everyone else around us. Yes, I admit it. I kept my 2 year old busy by stuffing his face with nachos, cheese fries, sno cones, ring pops, hot dogs, corn dogs, jerky, granola bars and whatever else I could get my hands on.

Oh and then there was the $30 I had to fork out for raffle tickets because I will not go around begging people to buy tickets to "win" a free oil change. I put the " because the raffle really isn't ever held. It is just another ploy to sucker people out of money.

Can you tell that I am not happy with how this whole thing turned out? But I will suck it up and let Monk Man play again next year because it makes him happy.

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