Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Water Duh

We ended up not going camping for Memorial Day weekend because Hubbs went to work.

We went to the Creek instead. It is really called Clear Creek but it is anything but clear. It is about 9 miles out of town and is THE place to be in the summer. You can swim, fish, BBQ, camp, hike, and even geocache.

We went out Sunday evening after our naps but I didn't let the boys get in the water. I didn't plan on ending up there, we just got in the car and started driving around, so I didn't bring our swimsuits. We walked up and down the beach for about an hour. The boys were complaining that they were bored so we left and got root beer floats at Sonic before heading home.

On Monday, I was prepared. I woke up before them and put all their shovels, rakes and buckets in the trunk of the car. When they got up, I dressed them in their swimsuits and took them to Wal-mart (barefoot) to get the yearly supply of sandals. Then we went back to the Creek. They were super excited to be able to get into the water and play in the sand!

They were so excited that Bobblehead ended up running a little bit too far into the water and his clumsy ass tripped. Sploosh! I had JUST yelled at him for it maybe 2 minutes before. I was only about 5-6 feet away so he wasn't under the water for more than a few seconds. He honestly did a pretty good job at trying to keep his head above the water. I grabbed him, set him back up on his feet and made both boys come sit on the rocks with me for a little while.

I totally jumped on the chance to talk to them about how important it is to listen to me at all times. I tried to explain that I am a little bit more careful when we are around water because they can't swim and if they were to fall into the water I would have a hard time finding them because the water is so murky from the dirt. I am not sure Bobblehead understood what I was trying to tell them, but I know Monk Man did.

Being the overly cautious mom that I am, I picked up 2 bright red life jackets while I was out shopping for work. The boys tried them on yesterday and LOVED them. I am not seeing them giving me ANY hassle about wearing them. Hopefully the weather will stay nice so we can go this weekend.

I am really surprised at how uncomfortable I felt putting on my swimsuit! I can honestly say that I have very few body image issues. Sure, I have spots that jiggle and a lot of stretch marks and am SO pale. But that is all part of who I am and I can totally say that I am ok with my body at this point. But when I put my swimsuit and walked around the house (ugh not even out in public yet) I felt waaay to exposed. I ended up keeping my halter top on and putting jeans on instead of the swimsuit bottoms. Even semi-covered up I still felt so uncomfortable that I considered not even going at all.

By the end of the summer, I vow to be over whatever body issue I have all of a sudden developed. I can't let my boys miss out on having fun because I have this crazy hang up now.

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