Wednesday, February 3, 2010


The family has dentist appointments this month. I had to find a new dentist because my old one won't take state sponsored insurance. Monk Man was supposed to go tomorrow but of course he came down with a sore throat and swollen tonsils yesterday. Bobblehead is sick too but he seems to be getting the croup again.

So I am taking Monk Mans appointment tomorrow and he is going to take my appointment next Thursday.

The boys were blessed with my shitty, messed up, soft teeth.

I was in braces for 6 years so my teeth are straight. Right now I need another root canal (that will make 3) and some cavities taken care of. I also have a cracked-in-half tooth from a root canal filling that didn't hold that needs something done to it. I am a hot mess.

I plugged our W-2 numbers into an online calculator and found out that we are getting back waaayyyyy more than I expected. Hubbs and I were discussing what we wanted to do with the money. He wants a new computer and I want my teeth veneered and capped. But instead, we have to do the adult thing and put all the money in the checking account to live on because we still don't know how long Railroad Unemployment is going to last or if he is ever going to get to go back to work. Plus we might need that money for our business venture that is in the works.

But I really want my teeth to be pretty. I will ask this new dentist for a price on veneers and caps tomorrow while I am there. Maybe he can give me a better price than my old dentist did. Which was around $1500 (if I remember right) to cap and veneer every tooth, in case anyone was wondering.

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