Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Work LoL

There was an ice cream truck parked outside the shop when I got back from lunch. It was here for exhaust work. That in itself was pretty funny. But it gets better.

The boss lady kept looking at it and saying "It is so small! It's so short!". Jack was on his way out the door and said "Well, you know, what it lacks in length, it really makes up for in power."

Snort. I couldn't hold back. I am not so good at stifling giggles let alone full blown gut busting laughter.

So he gives me a funny look for a second and then it clicks. He turns red, tells me to shut up and goes out the door laughing. The boss lady keeps asking me what he had said. It takes me a while to pull myself together enough to repeat what he said.

Before I could get all the words out of my mouth, SHE starts laughing uncontrollably. We laugh and laugh. The big boss comes out of the bathroom just shaking his head at us because he had overheard everything.

When Jack comes back inside the office a little later he is all embarrassed. The big boss comes out of his office and says "Dude, you had these girls ROLLING!" We both cracked up laughing again. When we finally calmed down, Jack told me that I suck and have a dirty mind. Duh?

Now my sides hurt. But that is part of what I like about this job. I don't have to be professional 100% of the time.

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SonyaAnn said...

That was funny! Thanks for sharing the laugh, I have a dirty mind, too!
Have a great weekend!