Thursday, January 1, 2009

What A Way To Kick Off The New Year

Are you tired of reading me bitch about the stupid railroad?

Yes? Sorry. You might want to skip this post.

No? Awesome! I need to ramble and vent.
We are so getting screwed.

No matter where Hubbs decides to chase work to, he wont be able to stay working for long. He has around 2000 people with less seniority under him (which would normally be good) but we have heard that the railroad is going to cut off 2500-3000 people.

We have discussed it and have decided that it would be better to stay home with the boys and collect unemployment instead of going somewhere, working for a while and then having to come home.

With what we have saved in the bank and what I make at my job, we can make it until May. I am not so worried about the money really. We have made it work before on less (but without kids). But we will be losing our insurance after 3 months.

THAT is what is scaring me.

I just got the medical bills all paid off last January from the last time we had to go without insurance in 2005.

There is a little good news though. As soon as our insurance runs out, I can get the kids enrolled with Kids Care (a state program like ACCHSS). We will be falling within the income limits/family size thing.

And we own our home, so no mortgage. Yay! It isn't much, but it is ours and paid for.

Plus, Hubbs makes a better housewife than I do (I call him the kitchen bitch.....LoL). The house will be SO CLEAN!!! And I can start leaving him "To Do" lists again. He can get everything ready for the yard sale I have been meaning to have for a year now.

I guess it could be worse.

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