Friday, January 16, 2009

A Request

Hot Belly Mama wanted to hear about how we treat our animals. She is having issues with her cats. Read her blog post about

So this is how the cats get treated. The dogs will be some other post.

Our animals have it pretty sweet most of the time. We have 2 dogs, Duke (a 2 year old lab) and Molly (a 5 year old blue heeler/terrier mix). We used to have 2 cats (Karma and PJ) but Duke tried to eat them when they snuck inside the house so my parents stole them from us.

Oh the horror! The cats slept outside. Call PETA, quick!

Whatever. The cats ended up at their house while we were in Colorado visiting MIL and StepFIL at Christmas. My mom finally confessed that my dad was talking about kitty napping them for at least a month.

Before we got Duke, the cats were indoor/outdoor cats. (LoL I type indoor/outdoor and I think carpet.) The cats were fine with it. They had beds, toys, food and water.

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