Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another Bulldog Bite

I am so pissed I could scream.

Hubbs had to take FIL and the bulldog to the vet yesterday. (FIL has muscular dystrophy so he can't manage the dog at the vet alone) So StepMIL watched Monk Man while they were gone. This is the first time Monk Man had been over to FIL's house since the Thanksgiving fiasco.

The guys get back, the dog comes running in the door and goes straight for Monk Man. Stupid dog bites at Monk Man's arm and gets his sleeve.

Well, when I got home, Hubbs told me the story so of course I wanted to make sure the dog didn't leave any teeth marks on Monk Man's skin.

I pulled up his sleeve and sure as shit there is a mark. It looked like the dogs teeth pinched his arm through his shirt.

I am so done. Done, done, done. I am putting my foot down about this whole dog thing. There is NO way my kids are going to be put in the position to possibly be maimed by a stupid dog.

I don't understand WHY it is so hard for FIL to understand that I don't want the damn dog around my boys! Its easy!

I really hate that they have put me in this position. I really don't want to cut them out of our lives (because I feel that the boys NEED a relationship with their grandparents) but if I have to be a bitch about this stupid freaking mean ass dog, I will be.

The kids safety comes first. Period.


Skyehaven said...

You don't have to cut them out of your life. Just make it clear that unless and until the dog can be demonstrably rehabilitated or he's gone, the boys won't be able to come over any more. Invite them to come to your house whenever they'd like to see the boys, babysit them there, etc.

Stick to your guns! A dog with a history of biting CAN be rehabilitated, but you can't risk the safety of your preciuous LO's, so someone is going to have to step up to the plate and take care of the dog's problems.

If I were you, I'd also make it clear to the entire family that ONE MORE MARK on one of your children will result in a call to animal control (or police, whichever handles it in your area). I'm surprised the mailman hasn't done so already and that they're still getting their mail, frankly.

That Girl said...

I would be livid!

Samantha said...

Skyehaven, thanks for the suggestions. I will try them.