Thursday, January 1, 2009


Monk Man has been throwing up since he woke up this morning.

On the half hour, every half hour.


Poor little dude. He is so pasty white.

Hubbs finally got dressed and bought some Sprite around 2 and it seems to have helped Monk Man's tummy enough to be able to crash in the recliner. But now Bobblehead is pissed because he can't share Monk Man's soda with him.

I have to get the bathroom bleached and the living room carpet shampoo'd this afternoon.

Oh Goody.


Hot Belly Mama said...

A little new years hangover??? I hope he feels better soon.

Joyce said...

Oh man, Samantha. I am so sorry. Puke is so horrible to clean. My Big One shared hers on New' Year's Eve. Fun stuff.

Maggie said...

You won a blog award. Come get it at my blog.

Sorry your baby is sick. Hope he gets to feeling better.