Friday, March 6, 2009

Crazy Street People

We live in a town with a lot of transients. They get drunk and wander the streets until the police pick them up and take them to jail or the detox center. The other day, one of them decided to try and sleep it off in one of our customer's cars. The car was parked in front of the shop, the guy opened the door and climbed right in. One of the shop guys saw it and had to physically throw the guy out of the car. Dumbass.

I have had to chase these street people off my own property. They are stubborn! I found one passed out in our camp trailer once. I had gone out the back gate to clean the camp trailer for a camping trip that weekend and noticed the door wide open. I saw him passed out under the table. I had to call the cops on that one because there was no way I was going to try and get him out from under there.

Another one even had the nerve to steal a garden hose out of my neighbor's truck (which I saw because I was outside playing with Monk Man in the sprinkler) and then try to sell it to me for $10. I took the hose from him and threw it over the neighbor's fence. The only reason this one left was because I threatened to turn my dogs loose on him.

I used to feel sorry for them but after some of the crap I have dealt with from them, I don't feel sorry for them anymore.

The worst was when I worked at the gas station. They would come in, try to buy alcohol, I would deny them and they would get nasty. I have been cussed out, spit at, swung at, followed out to my car, and had things thrown at me.

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