Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hours Slashed

So last Tuesday, work cut my hours by half. Instead of going in at 9, they don't want me until noon.

I am really hating it. My routine is still all screwed up.

The actual shop closes at 3 now, instead of 5 and the office stays open.

The guys have been bitching that there was nothing to do, they are bored, blah blah blah. Now they are bitching because they have to go home. I swear, some men are worse than children.

Hubbs is still laid off and collecting unemployment but that won't last for much longer, only a few more months. On the bright side, we haven't burned through our savings as fast as I thought we would. In fact, we haven't taken much out of it at all, maybe $800 at the most.

We have started talking about moving again. I am actually okay with it this time.

Don't get me wrong, I HATE moving. We have been in this home since we got married. We have accumulated a lot of stuff in almost 6 years.

But my mom is driving me crazy. Work is looking bleak. It looks like it will be around 2 years or so before Hubbs gets back to work locally.

Moving seems like a pretty good option right now. As long as we can find a place that Hubbs can hold a year round job at. Wyoming is looking the most promising but I would rather live somewhere warm. Driving in the snow is not my forte.

We still have so much to figure out.

My boss has no idea that I might leave. Hubbs wants me to wait on telling them until we are sure we can find a place he can hold a job at. I hate having to act like everything is normal though.

The kids are squawking about something. I will post more later......

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