Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Final Countdown

In less than 24 hours I will be in Vegas.

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am. I don't think I will be able to sleep tonight.

I have already crossed some things off my To-Do list.
1. Get cash for gambling. Check. I figured that since we already can't really afford this weekend, I should put a limit on how much we can spend at the slots. Hubbs will be handing me his bank card as soon as we cross the Nevada border.
2. Get Friday off work. Check. I asked, they said yes. Easy peasy. I deserve a day off since they left me all alone last week.
3. Clean out purse. Check. I took out everything that I don't need. Like receipts. And random coupons. And gum wrappers. And paperclips.
4. Make sure we have a room when we get there. Check. I made reservations last night. It almost KILLED me to put the room on my bank card instead of a credit card. But we don't have any open credit card accounts anymore and have paid them all off except for 2. Plus, I went through Ebates and got 1% credited to my Ebates total. Plus I got a couple of Swagbucks for searching for the best deal.

Hi, Circus Circus? I think your hotel is ridiculously overpriced. It had better not suck. $114 a night? Obscene

Still on the To-Do list:
1. Pack for me and Hubbs. He can't be trusted to do this for himself.
2. Pack for Monk Man and Bobblehead. Whoohooo for grandmas house.
3. Pack the laptop and all the shit that goes with it. Because you never know.
4. Find the camera. This stupid thing has been missing for a month! I have almost given up on finding it.
5. Get the biker neighbors to keep an eye on the dogs and the house. We do it for them, they can do it for us.
6. Wash the car. We have had 2 massive (50+ mph) wind storms followed by a light sprinkle of snow in the past month and the car is COVERED in nasty red Arizona dirt. It is even up in my brakes. They scream if I barely touch them.
7. Find the cell phone chargers. All 4 of them. 2 wall chargers and 2 car chargers because Hubbs couldn't get a phone that was compatible with my chargers.
8. Find my MP3 player, headphones and charger. If there is a baseball game (or any kind of sports thing) on tomorrow, Hubbs will find it and listen to it for the ENTIRE 6 hour drive.

I know I am forgetting stuff. Oh well. I will remember before we leave or else I don't need it that bad.

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