Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I heart SAHDs.

SAHD=Stay at home dad

Hub is a SAHD. Most of the time.

He is a railroader so his job really depends on the state of the economy. Bad economy, not enough goods to ship, not enough trains.

This is the 3rd year he has been at this job. The first year he worked all the time. The second year, he was laid off for most of the year. This year he has hardly worked at all. Understandably, he gets kinda depressed and bored not being able to work.

But the railroad PAYS him not to quit. Yeah, you read that right. He gets a paycheck every 2 weeks and we keep our amazing insurance. It works out great most of the time.

Hub is a great dad. Monk Man seems to enjoy the time with him and he is learning a lot. Come to think about it, both Hub and Monk Man are learning a lot from each other.

I loved being a SAHM (stay at home mom). But I got too bored and spent too much money. So I had to go back into the work force. Given the choice between working and staying at home, I would choose staying at home. In a heartbeat. Dont get me wrong, I love my job, but (no offence to Nonnie) I want to be the one raising my boys.

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