Saturday, October 18, 2008

Grocery Shopping

We went grocery shopping this morning. Hubbs went early in the morning to buy stuff for his yummy green chili.

Poor guy. I think he is intimidated by the pantry because he bought things we already had. Oh well. At least he is trying to save us money and I don't have to cook.

He went to Safeway. Total spent: 71.58 Total saved by club card: 11.97

The bill was so high because he bought meat--Roasts and deli pastrami.
I went to Walmart for Halloween costumes. I hate that place. Monk Man decided that he wanted to be an "Army Guy" again and that Bobblehead HAD to match him.

Total spent: 66.99 Total saved: 0
I went to Bashas. I usually do pretty well there. I actually didn't buy a single thing that wasn't on "the list".

Total spent: 64.14 Total saved with coupons and club card: 52.69
The last stop for the day was Safeway. Again. I HAD to hit the buy one get one free cleaners and get soups.

Total spent: 133.47 Total saved with coupons and club card: 57.76
Not too bad right?

I HAVE to tell you about my score at the OshKosh outlet in Gretna, Nebraska. I spent 179.13 but saved 196.61!!!! That was the first time ever that I saved more than I spent.


Nomers said...

Don't you love the feel of seeing on the bill that you saved more than you spent! Good bargain hunting!

Samantha said...