Friday, October 17, 2008

I guess I should post something

huh? We have been home since Saturday and the poor blog has been neglected.

So sorry. (I am noticing that I apologize a lot lately)

Ugh. Where do I begin.

Well the trip started off okay. We made it to the car around 6:30 in the morning. Stopped at McDonalds on the way to the highway to get the kids breakfast and coffee for me. We made good time to Gallup. I stopped at the Burger King for a pee break (damn that coffee and those Red Bulls) and filled up my gas tank.

We just cruised along until we hit Shiprock. I pulled into town and got stuck in traffic. I didn't move an inch for 2 HOURS! Why? Some stupid political parade. By the time we got out of Shiprock it was pouring rain and the boys were awake and fighting like normal. It rained from there all the way through the mountains to MIL's. It kept raining until we stopped for the night in Aurora (Colorado). Luckily when we got up the next morning the rain had cleared up.

We made it through Denver ok. Dude, those twisty roads are SCARY! The minute we hit Nebraska it started raining again. Nice.

Oh, and it gets better.

We ended up getting a flat tire somewhere in the middle of a corn field. Luckily I found a gas station. Unluckily, the gas station attendant didn't speak much English. When I asked her where the nearest dealership was, she gave me the deer in headlights look and told me, "I don't know what you are telling me".

Huh? Give me a break. Ummm, do you have fix-a-flat? "Don't know". So I finally found the fix-a-flat, put it in the tire and went to find an air machine. Well, I guess I didn't read the directions as well as I though I did.

PSA: If you have to put fix-a-flat in a tire, don't add any air. Your tire will explode. Yes, your tire will look flat still. Just drive around slowly for 10 or so minutes. Fix-a-flat expands when it warms up.

No, my tire didn't explode. Don't worry. Luckily some toothless dude was watching me (shudder...creepy) and ran over to stop me before I added any air. I DO know how to change a tire but I convinced myself that driving on a fix-a-flat'ed tire was better than driving on my doughnut tire. Plus changing the tire would have required more time and attracted much more attention. Seriously, how often do you see a chick changing her own tire? I didn't want to give the creepy guys more reason to gawk.

So now we are back driving. And driving. And driving. The plan was to meet Hubbs in Lincoln but with all the potty breaks, and then the tire incident, we were still hours away from Lincoln. Hubbs was so excited to get to see us, he drove all the way to Aurora (Nebraska) to meet us. We caravan'd (spelling??) the rest of the way to Sioux City.

So that's the story about getting there. Later I will tell about what we did while we were there and then the drive home.

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