Monday, December 22, 2008

1 Down, 3 To Go

FIL and StepMIL came over for the 1st round of Christmas. The boys got TONS of stuff. Inflatable Cars sleeping bags, DVDs, and a bathtub water slide thing just to name a few.

The WOW gift was a HUGE pop up Cars tent. This damn thing took up almost all of my living room.

I got some really cute pictures of the boys and Hubbs but I won't get them posted until we hook up MY computer again. Right now Hubbs' computer and the lap top are the only ones being used. I really don't want to put my pictures on either one so I will have to wait until I find a spot for mine.

Hubbs received lots of clothes and another BBQ set. I got clothes and new dishes. Pretty dishes. They are black with white squares on the edges.

We had an incident with Monk Man's mouth. See, he is like a sponge. We really have to start watching our mouths around him and not letting him watch our movies. He was in the kitchen and somebody asked him what he was doing. He replied with......"Just talkin about pussy."

OMG. What? A few seconds of uncomfortable silence passed.

I got the honor of trying to discipline him and find out where the hell he heard that. We went into the bathroom and had a talk about the adult words he was not allowed to say. I told him that if I EVER heard him say something like that again, I would wash his mouth out with soap again. Then I asked him where he heard that phrase because while we do cuss, we don't say THOSE kinds of words around the kids.

Turns out, it is a line from Stepbrothers with Will Farrell. Hubbs and I both had guessed it was something he had overheard my brother say. Sorry Nunk.


Kelly Deneen said...

Oh NO. *giggle*

Samantha said...

It was sooo hard not to laugh and be the adult with that one.

Anonymous said...

Yikes!!!!! It is a little funny though?? hehe