Thursday, March 27, 2008

Craptastic Day

Ugh. I am having such a craptastic day. Nothing bad has happened (yet) but I just feel blahhh. I have no energy at all. I dont think any amount of coffee or Red Bull is going to fix today.

Keep your fingers crossed that I dont get sick. I cant get sick. Hub is finally working again so he couldnt help with the kids and I sure as hell dont want to take care of kids if I am sick. Thats why I go to work sick. I would rather be at work getting better and not being stressed out than being at home, getting everyone else sick and being irritated. And I feel guilty if I take Bobblehead and Monk Man to Nonnie's so my ass can stay home alone and get well. The normal working guilt is enough, I dont need sick guilt too.

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