Friday, March 28, 2008

Goals for this weekend

1) Create budget
~~This baffles the hell out of me. I have been putting it off because I get depressed when I try to deal with our sucky debt. I have got to figure this budget thing out. We are spending way too much money. Scroll to the bottom of the blog and look at my ticker. I gave us a year to get out of debt. $50,000 in a year? I hope so. If this is the ONLY thing I accomplish this year, I will still be thrilled. I cant wait until we don't have to live paycheck to paycheck anymore and have some money in the bank. I have some friends on babycenter that are giving me a TON of support and ideas.
2) Create menu
~~Maybe we can stop going to the grocery store every damn day? We have so many weird things in our pantry due to the almost daily grocery runs. Questions? See the above paragraph.
3) Vacuum
~~Ugh. I hate to vacuum. It hurts my back but I am sick of walking on popcorn seeds. Thanks Monk Man. Thanks.
4) Finish diaper cake
~~I have GOT to get this done. I am afraid that Hub or Monk Man will destroy it before KK's baby shower.
5) Get ALL laundry washed and put away
~~Someone on babycenter gave me brilliant advice about laundry. As soon as the clothes are dry, fold, hang and put it ALL away before starting a new load. Genius! I am going to try it this weekend.
6) Work on book.
~~I have been neglecting this. I was putting it off until I got a new laptop so I could have easy access to it anywhere. But a few days ago I found this amazing thing Google offers. Google can store your documents somehow and you can access them from ANY computer. For FREE!
7) Yard Work
~~Hub wants to plant some more grass. Hopefully it will stay warm (in the 70's) enough to get some outside time.
8) Find sunscreen
~~I am so pale, I am clear. I would love to have a teeny bit of a tan but my skin only has 2 colors, clear and red. I burn so easily. I already have skin cancer fears due to the ridiculous amount of time I spent outside growing up. There is this mole thing on my lower back that appeared right after Monk Man was born and there is something going on with the bridge of my nose that I am worried about. Oh well, I will take care of all that later.
9) Play some Rockband or Guitar Hero with Monk Man. We both LOVE these games. The microphone that came with the drums and guitar is broken. Need to get that fixed so I can sing while Monk Man drums.

When I get back to work on Monday, I will let you all know how well I did on the goals. Off to find the sunscreen before I forget!

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