Monday, March 31, 2008


1) Create budget~~Nope, didn't get this done.

2) Create menu~~I did do this. Hub still has to look it over and let me know if he needs something added or taken off.

3) Vacuum~~I did this too!

4) Finish diaper cake~~I didn't even LOOK at this thing. I was having too much fun playing with the boys.

5) Get ALL laundry washed and put away~~I didn't do a single load. Ha!

6) Work on book~~I didn't get to this either.

7) Yard Work~~Hub worked all weekend and the wind blew like crazy. I didn't want to go outside and smoke because of the wind. (But I did, but I didn't like it) There was no way that I was going to try to rake grass or plant something.

8) Find sunscreen~~I didn't need to. I didn't spend much time outside. See above.

9) Play some Rockband or Guitar Hero with Monk Man~~Yep, we played Guitar Hero a little. Monk Man played more than I did though.

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