Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ultimate Fighting Tots

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This is one of the few sports I can actually sit down and enjoy watching with Hub. I know a couple of lesser known Ultimate Fighters that live in our town. They are people I went to school with. We grew up together.

That being said, I would never let the Monk Man be an Ultimate Fighter at his age. He lacks the understanding of ANY kind of sport. But, when and if he decides that this is the kind of sport he wants to pursue, then I will support him 100%. Hopefully this wont be decided until he has finished growing. But if it happens before I want it to, then so be it. Not a big deal to me.

Sure, there are risks involved. But there are also risks playing football, or baseball, or hell, even walking in your house! Especially with our rampant clumsy gene.

There are also great lessons to be learned from Ultimate Fighting or MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). Discipline is a big one. Being able to defend yourself from someone else is another lesson.

So, if the Monk Man (or Bobblehead) wants to be an Ultimate Fighter, I will support his decision. I will be at every match. I will be his biggest fan.

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