Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Best Parent Ever

Go to this blog and let me know how many of these you are.

I am still trying to get my tally together. But I will let you know!
All right, I just finished reading that WHOLE BLOG. Final score? 6 out of 37.

Just for shits and giggles I am going to tell you about the ones I am guilty of.

#6: Ridiculous 1st Birthday Parties
For Monk Man's 1st birthday I rented out the banquet hall at a local restaurant. I bet I had invited 75 people. It was a huge deal and a huge nightmare. Hubbs sat in the bar drinking with FIL and some of our friends while me and my MIL were left to run the show. Bobblehead turns 1 in October. Please, for the love of God, someone remind me in September about Monk Man's party! Suggest a nice Bring-Your-Own-Crap backyard BBQ or something that will be easy.

#7: Yahoo Groups
I am only guilty of this if BBC counts.

#14: The Nintendo Wii
Me and Hubbs are gamers. Computer, Playstation, Wii, you name it, we have the gaming system. Well, except for the playstation 3 and the X-box live. We are too cheap for those still. Well Monk Man has followed in our footsteps. He could live with a controller in his hand. Probably sleep with it too. Bobblehead is showing interest already too. He wanted to play PS2 with Monk Man on Friday and ended up pulling the cord so hard that the entire console fell off the TV.

#21: Giving Unwanted Advise
Ummm, this blog is proof of that.

#25: Puppies.....rescued
Our Lab is a rescue. But most of my pets have been rescues. But we didn't rescue him for the show of it, we (read:Hubbs) really needed another dog. We would have happily taken a dog off the streets or from the pound. As long as we didn't get one from the pet shop or puppy mill, we were going to be happy.

#34: Overdressing at the Playground
I am only 1/3 guilty of this. I don't go anywhere without full makeup. If I don't put makeup on, I don't leave the house. Period.


Best Parent Ever -- So much ! said...

Okay. I'm guilty of at least 15 of these. I'm SUCH a Best Parent Ever!

Samantha said...

LoL! I am sure I will be guilty of that many soon! The kids are still little enough to not realize that they are missing out on nannies and super strollers. :)