Friday, June 27, 2008

Tact, My Family Lacks It

Well, 2 specific people lack it.

My Grandmother lacks tact and my little sister lacks tact as well. I love giving examples.
I walked into my moms house Thursday morning and the first thing out of Grandma Vi's mouth was, "I hope your husband isn't in the part of Iowa that is having the tornado's".

Wait, huh? Ummm thanks Grandma.

Like I don't have enough shit to worry about. Its hard enough that Hubbs is gone. But honestly, he is 1300 miles away, what the hell can I do about tornado's.

Freaking THINK before you open your mouth.
When I was picking up Monk Man and Bobblehead on Wednesday, Grandma Vi was visiting with a long time family friend, Mrs. B.

Mrs. B. has known us since forever and is probably one of the nicest ladies in the world.

Mrs. B. brought gifts for Bobblehead and for KKs baby.

I took Bobbleheads gift, opened it, gushed about how cute the clothes were and thanked her. That is what you are supposed to do.

KK (my youngest sister) came out of her room and went into the bathroom. As soon as she came back out, Grandma Vi told her, "Come in here, just for a minute, Mrs. B. has a present for the baby".

KK whined back at her while storming down the hallway, "Iiiii'mmm tooooo tiiiiirrrreeeeddddd".

It took everything I had not to tell her what an ungrateful, lazy bitch she was. Yeah, it takes less than 5 seconds to turn around, walk back down the hall into the living room and say "Thank you Mrs. B."!
Ok, I get that she is on bed rest. I get it, I really do. But that is no excuse to act like she does. My mom tells me to give her a break because she is a single, pregnant, scared little girl. No! Give ME a freaking break!

First off, I don't blame Baby's Daddy for not wanting to be around right now. Every time the 2 of them even text each other, it ends in a fight. He has tried to be around. He went to OBGYN visits for a while but he eventually got tired of being yelled at and told to go away. So he did. He is more than willing to step up and be a daddy to KKs baby if she decides to be human ever again.

Second, little girl? Uh, no. She is 20 years old. She acts like a little kid because my mom allows her to act like a little kid. I could never put up with that crap.
Ugh. I am so ready to cut ties from my side of the family. Except, FIL already does not see Monk Man and Bobblehead unless someone is visiting and he feels the need to show my kids off. It would suck for the kids if I had to walk away from another set of grandparents. I don't know if I could do that to my little guys. I guess I will have to suck it up, hold my tongue and just put up with the toxicity.

Sometimes I wish that we could move to another state so I can get away from all this. But I cannot talk Hubbs into moving.


-Bridget said...

I can relate to a lot in this post. I just spent a week with my mother on "vacation." She was a selfish child the whole week. My blog doesn't tell the whole story because everyone in my family reads it. I think I need to get a secret blog so I can vent about them.

Samantha said...

Thanks bridget. I feel much better about being soooo bitchy. But I still feel like screaming.