Thursday, June 12, 2008

Trash Can Potatoes-Update

I went to the back yard to check on my Trash Can Potatoes last night. Big mistake. Why? Monk Man knocked the bucket over and dumped all the dirt into the grass. So being the curious cat I am, I dug through the dirt to see if anything had happened.

Nothing happened. Not a single root from the potatoes I put in the bucket.

Note to self: Store bought potatoes do not work. Buy seed potatoes or tubers.

So I am going to order some tubers from Burpee today. I will update some more when the tubers arrive. I might even post some pictures of what the hell tubers look like.
I just checked Burpee and the tubers are not available at this time. So much for that idea. Shit.

Next idea? My boss is really close friends with a potato farmer somewhere back east. The next time he calls I am going to ask him to send me some seed potatoes.

Problem solved. Hopefully.


windycityvegan said...

That stinks - I wanted your taters to grow, dammit! I should send you some of my potatoes, they are an heirloom variety that my uncle grows called Adirondack Blue. I just have them sitting in a plastic bag and the suckers grew so many shoots that they poked through the plastic...I can only imagine what they would do in a trash can full of dirt!

-Bridget said...

Lol, I had high hopes for those trash can potatoes. Leave them in the dirt in the trash can a while longer. Can't hurt, right?

Samantha said...

LoL My MIL's spuds are doing great. She has a greener thumb than I do.

I would have put them back in the dirt except for they were hard as a rock. Petrified Potatoes. That sounds Yummy! Gag.