Sunday, July 19, 2009


We are going camping next weekend.

Before we had kids, we went camping a couple of times. But we had a (very tiny) camp trailer. That is long gone. The first time Hubbs got laid off a few years ago, we sold it and all our stuff to pay some bills. Even with the camp trailer I still thought I was "roughing it".

This time, we are really going to be roughing it, in a tent.

Did I mention we are taking are taking both boys and both dogs?

Ugh. What am I getting myself into?

At the very least, this trip should provide some cute pictures for their scrapbooks. If I don't stress myself to death about it first. And yes, I already have a few lists going so I don't forget anything. I started that the minute after Hubbs suggested going.

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That Girl said...

we are getting ready to do our first tent camping also. We bought the we just need to make time to actually go. Hope you have fun!