Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Another Monday In A String Of Mondays

I am about ready to rip my hair out and it isn't even noon yet.

Hubbs decided to get up with me this morning. That's always so much damn fun. I get up earlier than everybody else for a reason! Then he got a call from the guy he is helping with HVAC stuff and was told that he wasn't needed until around 1 this afternoon. He must have forgotten that I have to work at the normal time and started begging for me to put out. Yeah, right dumbass.

So he went back to bed and left me (just like always) to get the boys ready by myself. Apparently, while I was getting their clothes, Monk Man and Bobblehead somehow managed to empty the entire tub of soapy water onto the bathroom floor. I swear I was only gone 2 minutes. At least I wont have to mop this weekend, since I got to do it this morning.

I get the boys in the car when Monk Man kicks over a FULL 44oz cup of Sprite. I don't drink Sprite so whatever Hubbs, thanks for leaving a full soda in my car.

And now I am at work. Normally it is a great place and I enjoy being here. But not today. The boss brought his kids. Both of them. Two girls. They are playing secretary today and probably for the rest of the week. Oh goody.

It has been a madhouse all morning with all the running, and the skipping, and the jumping, and the eating, and the spilling, and the chattering, and the fighting, and the whining. I am soooo sick of hearing "Are you done working on your computer yet?" The boss is even letting them answer the phones. So that means the girls pick up the phones, the people on the other end ask for "That Other Girl", and I get to explain why it sounds more like a daycare center than normal.


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