Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Lesson In What Goes Around

I had just put Bobblehead into the shower and was getting ready to get in myself when I heard a thud followed by Wwwwaaaaaaaaaa!

I got wrapped up in a towel and found Monk Man laying on the floor in the kitchen, crying.

"Moooooommmmmm, I falled off the counter"

"Dude, what were you doing on the counter?"

"I wanted da candy so I waited till you got in the shower and climbed up on da counter and I falled down"

"You okay?"


"Well, I am sorry you got hurt but you aren't supposed to climb on the counter, not even for candy. That is what happens when you do things you aren't supposed to"

"Okay. Kiss it and make it better"

Silly boy. He is fine by the way. Just a couple of scratches on his side. Oh, now he is demanding a band-aid. Ugh. At least I have had enough coffee to make it to work.


Schmoochiepoo said...

Smart kid! Waiting till mommy was nekkid. You would never have known if he didn't bail off the counter.

Samantha said...

LoL Very true!