Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Taxes and Unemployment

I think I just figured out that the railroad isn't taking any taxes out of Hubbs' unemployment pay.

Uh oh.

We have been getting unemployment since February, I think. It isn't like regular unemployment. He is being paid out of his Railroad Retirement fund and will have to replenish it when (if) he ever gets back to work.

They have sent 0 paystubs so I cant be 100% sure that taxes aren't being taken out but I am pretty sure they really aren't taking anything out.

So.....what do I do now? Will our kid credits cover the taxes not paid? I think we are going to be royally screwed when tax time comes around but does anybody have any suggestions?

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Schmoochiepoo said...

Ugh... thats sucks. Sorry I have no advice for you.

Maybe try calling an accountant?

Are you able to call the IRS without saying who you are to ask?
Here in Canada you can....

I hope it all works out.