Monday, July 13, 2009

Action Movie Weekend

We watched a few action movies this weekend.

First, we watched Live Free or Die Hard. The best part of the movie is when they are in the tunnel. Monk Man has seen it so many times that he can recite lines along with the actors.

We rented Death Race. I expected a cheesy movie. I only rented it because Jason Statham was in it. I ended up actually really liking it, and not just for the hotness that is Jason Statham.

Then Wanted came on Skinamax so we watched that. James McAvoy is smokin hot with the sweat and the muscles. He is a pretty good actor too.

Last, we watched Hitman. I think it is the sexiest action movie I have ever seen. Timothy Olyphant (who, oddly, was the bad guy in Live Free or Die Hard) did a wonderful job playing Agent 47. I could watch this film over and over. Hitman has replaced Silence of the Lambs as my all time favorite movie. I even like to watch the video game played.
Hubbs sat down to watch Death Race with me. He asked me what the movie was about. I had to tell him the truth, that I had no idea and could care less what the story line was. Hubbs told me that I needed to stop renting movies based on who was in them.

LoL Fat chance of that ever happening.

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