Sunday, August 3, 2008

Astrological Signs

Ok, I looked up which Astrological Signs the boys are.

Monk Man is a Taurus (like me) and Bobblehead is a Libra.

This is what Babycenter says about the compatibility of their signs.

Born Pleasure-Seekers
Taurus and Libra

These two children are born pleasure-seekers. It could be tough to get them moving when you want them to complete their chores or their homework, but when it comes to family time, both Taurus and Libra bring a lot of sweetness and enjoyment to the experience.

Both of these children need lots of affection, little Libra perhaps even more than his sibling, so prepare to dole out many hugs and kisses throughout his youth. Since Taurus tends to hold grudges and Libra avoids confrontation whenever possible, you may have to mediate spats that would otherwise turn into extended sulk-fests.

In general, though, these two get along well, because they're both good-natured and young Libra wants harmony with everyone. If Taurus is the elder of these two, he considers it his responsibility to protect his younger sibling and keep him grounded -- a much-needed influence for idealistic little Libra.

Looks like I am in for an exciting childhood.

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