Tuesday, August 12, 2008

On a Bargain High

I went to Safeway last night after work because I had a cereal coupon that was expiring today. Our Safeway is remodeling and rearranging everything so things are all moved around and it looks horrendous but I found some amazing bargains.

My clearance aisle finds:
active yeast packs
Playtex nipples
Suave conditioner
bubble bath
Gerber fruit puffs
And tons more

I didn't buy everything that I wanted because I was in a hurry. But today after work I am going back.

I also got stuff with my coupons.
4 boxes of General Mills cereal for 6.00
1 Air Wic Night Light (free) and 2 refills for 4.50
And tons more

The only thing that I bought that I didn't have a coupon for or was on clearance was dog bones. Oh. My. Hell. Those things are expensive! But they are the only way I can get the dogs to come to bed and not roam the house all night.

So my total before coupons and Safeway card? 89.95
Total after? 62.68
I saved 31.01!!!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE coupons. I have been saving sooooo much money. I am so happy I have started to figure this coupon thing out.


Sandi said...

It totally makes the shopping trip like a natural high when you find deals like that. Good job!

Anonymous said...

I'm a horrible bargain hunter. I can never find a deal. Good for you!

and, I'm tagging you. See my blog for details

Joyce said...

WAHOO! I went to Vons last night and saved $21.01....I am celebrating with you!! Good job.