Monday, May 11, 2009

Hey, Write Down Your Blog Address For Me

Uuuhhhh, no?

Ok, so I wore my wonderful Blogger shirt today to work. One of our Tool Truck (and what a tool he is) guys stopped in for a check. This is how the conversation went:

Tool Guy: Hey, neat shirt! Are you a blogger?
Me: Thanks. Yep.
Tool Guy: So will you write down your blog name so I can sheckitout? (Yes, he really did say sheckitout)
Me: Uhhh, no.
Tool Guy: Huh?
Me: I don't think you would like it. Its really only for people that don't know me in real life. I wouldn't be comfortable with you reading it.
Tool Guy: (creepily wiggling his eyebrows)Soooo its one of "those kind" of blogs!
Me: .........
Tool Guy: No?
Me: No. Here's your check, buhbye.

I think that if someone that knows me in real life actually came across my blog I would freak. To be honest, Hubbs hasn't even been allowed to read it. It would be different if I lived in a bigger town where there were a few people that didn't know me. But my town has maybe 6,000 people and EVERYBODY knows who I am. Either through my job or Hubbs or someone in my huge family or we went to school together or something.

I think that when (or if) I ever finish my book, I will have to use a pen name as well. I have a fear of conversations going like this:
(disgusted)YOU wrote that book?
instead of going like this:
You wrote (amazed) THAT book?

LoL Its kind of hard to get what I mean actually typed out into something that makes sense.


Staci said...

Some people I know IRL visit my blog and its a little weird. It started out with just a few and word got around and now people are like, I read on your blog how... It makes me feel strange, especially if I don't really know the person! One girl who I am no longer friends with STALKS me like CRAZY on it now! In hind site I would have kept it from people IRL!

Samantha said...

Its good to hear that I am not alone wanting to keep it a non-irl thing.

But I have to admit, there are some people that have visited that I think would make GREAT irl friends.

Staci--Sorry to hear about your stalker. That sucks.