Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More BzzAgent Campaigns

So I joined 2 more BzzAgent Campaigns.

I opened my email this morning and found the invite to the Bic Soleil Bella. There was talk yesterday on the coupon board that this campaign was already full but I tried anyway and got in! I am not picky about razors at all. I can use just about anything.

Then I bit the bullet and joined the Game Wave Campaign too. I was torn between joining now or waiting and possibly not getting in. I mean, $29.99 could go a long way at the grocery store! But the gamer in my won and I joined. From the things I have read online, this game system runs about $300 normally and the games and extra controllers are pretty pricey too. It sounds like fun though. Even if we only get a few game nights out of it, it would totally be worth it just for the adult interaction.

I should be getting my packages within 21 days so I will post more when they arrive!

Oh, and if you have any dealings with either the razor or the game system, please leave me a review to submit! It would be appreciated since I have a tough time talking to people face to face sometimes. I will repay you with some reports of my own that you can submit.

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