Friday, May 15, 2009

It is Gloom and Doom for the dealerships

I am going to guess that you have heard about Chrysler taking away dealership franchises yesterday.

Well, now GM has decided to do the same.

I am pretty deep into the car biz. I ran the office at a GM/Dodge/Jeep/Chrysler/Nissan dealership for years. That is where I met Hubbs.

In my current job at the BodyShop, I deal with dealerships on a daily basis.

I found out that our local dealership was allowed to keep their Chrysler franchise but are still waiting to hear if they get to keep their GM franchise.

This is pretty bad news. The majority of the people at the dealership have been doing the car thing for their ENTIRE life. This is a family owned business. The current owners were raised in the dealership because their parents owned it and their parents' parents opened it almost 80 years ago.

I am a little upset about it. Cant you tell? LoL The owner of the dealership is a pretty good friend of mine and I can't imagine how much anxiety he is having. Every time the phone rings I hold my breath, hoping it is him with news. Hopefully good news but even if it is bad news, it will at least ease my mind a bit.

In case you want to know if YOUR local dealership(s) are affected by the Chrysler mess, you can find the entire list of taken away franchises HERE.


Morgan said...

How sad. I saw at least 2 dealers I know of on that list, and I didn't even get halfway through it!

Samantha said...

It sucks. I wish there was an easier "fix" to the problem than to take away people's livelyhoods.