Saturday, May 2, 2009

Safeway Haul

I am pooped! I hit Safeway hard today. I made 2 trips and did 3 transactions.

My out of pocket was higher than I liked but overall, I am pretty satisfied. It would have been much lower if Hubbs hadn't decided he wanted to make Chinese Food tomorrow as I was walking out the door.

First, this is what I got
18 Bertolli Pasta Sauces
1 Oreo Fun Stix
6 6-packs of Arrowhead waters
1 Gallon of Milk
1 big bottle of French Vanilla Creamer
3 black Safeway totes
3 18-packs of Coors Light
1 BBQ Sauce
1 Tartar Sauce
2 Quaker Rice Cakes
2 cans of Ortega Green Chilies
2 packages of Fish Fry Batter
1 package of Egg Drop Soup mix
1 package of Hot and Sour Soup mix
2 Sweet and Sour Sauce
17 Capri Sun Sunrise
2 Ziploc Gallon freezer bags
2 All Small and Mighty
2 Daisy Cottage Cheese
1 Round Steak
and 1 Ham

Total before coupons: $387.32
Total out of pocket: $107.95
Total saved with coupons and club card: $279.37

My Safeway has refused to take my IP (printed from online) coupons in the past but I took them with me today to try my luck yet again. On my first trip, I managed to get in at the register the Assistant Manager was at and he took the IPs without bating an eye. So the other cashiers that have refused them and their bullshit excuse of "Safeway doesn't take printed coupons" has been proven wrong.

On my second trip, I divided my stuff into 2 transactions to save a trip. I felt kind of bad for holding up the line for that long but the dude behind me was cool with it, plus the kids were at my Mom's house so I HAD to maximise my trip. When the cashier saw me unloading my cart she got really pissy but when she saw my total drop, so did her jaw. She was super nice from then on.

I ended up giving away a bit of my haul and some of my stockpile today too. My dad hurt his shoulder a few months ago and hasn't worked in a while. Plus they watch Bobblehead most days during the week so I gave them a bag of Bertolli sauce and a stack of Capri Suns. My neighbors (the big bad biker dude, his girlfriend and her son) are struggling too. She drives a school bus and he has been laid off for as long as Hubbs has but without unemployment so I gave them some Capri Suns when I was unloading the car and I have a bag of stuff (more Bertolli sauce, some pasta, salad dressing, and some of my left over coupons) sitting by my door that I need to take over tonight. I also took some Bertolli sauce, salad dressing and Arrowhead water over to my grandma.

I know it isn't much but it is something. We are lucky that I am working full time again, that unemployment is still going strong, that I know how to coupon and meal plan, that I started my stockpile when times were good, and we had the foresight to sock every extra penny into our savings account. Stupid economy. Our friends and family are a close knit group and I know that they would give me and my family ANYTHING if we asked for it and we would give them ANYTHING as well. I also 100% believe in what goes around, comes around. A few bucks here gives back a whole lot of good karma. Ok, that's enough of my rambling about karma.

Next weeks flier looks pretty tame and the next promo doesn't interest me too much so I probably won't go grocery shopping for a while except for milk and some veggies.


Angela said...

Can I just say, I WISH we had coupons like that here in Canada! I'm exstatic if I can bring a 150 bill down to 130!

Samantha said...

Hubbs has been hinting about wanting to move to Candada for the past month or so. I told him I couldn't move anywhere that didn't get awesome coupons.

I think that last Safeway haul, I just got lucky on. I don't normally do that well. I am too much of an impulse shopper.