Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kids and Yards

There was a post on the bargain hunters board today asking if you let your 4 year old child play in the front yard with a dog. Lots of answers ranging from Oh Hell no to Sure, why not.

I am a big ole chicken and can't bring myself to post on the bargain hunters board very often. I must have lost my big girl panties somewhere along the way. LoL

You all know I am as paranoid and semi-crazy as they come, but, I used to let Monk Man play in the front yard alone.

That all changed when our across the street neighbors moved in. The guy is a major jerk. He beats his wife and his kids. And as soon as I catch any of it on video I will have him arrested. Hubbs and I can sit on our back porch and hear them screaming at each other from inside their house. It is pathetic and I don't feel sorry for the wife at all but I do feel sorry for the kids. I think they have 5 little ones and they all look like they are still too young for school.

Anyway, Monk Man isn't allowed in the front yard alone anymore. Even though the yard is completely fenced in, the dogs were usually out with him and I can see everything through the front door I still don't feel safe with that guy living there. There is just something about him that pisses me off. I felt like that even before I knew he was an abuser.

They ARE allowed to play in the back yard alone though. Their kiddie pool is set up and all their toys are scattered everywhere. If I sit at the kitchen table I can see the whole back yard. The dogs come in and out of the house all day so they aren't really alone. Those kids would stay outside day and night if I would let them.

I have no problem with letting the boys play outside without me hovering over them. The sunshine and fresh air is good for them. Plus I can get so much more done inside the house without them under-foot and trying to help.

On top of that, we have a doggie door. There would be no way to keep the kids inside without closing off the doggie door. But then the dogs would be stuck inside, in the way and trying to help too. That would be a disaster.

I do have to admit that they have gotten a little better at picking up their inside toys. I was at Walmart on Mother's Day buying flowers and I happened to run across the coolest buckets ever! They have wheels and they are just the right size for the boys to pull around the house. I make them bring out their buckets from their office/playroom and all their junk in the rest of the house gets put into them and rolled back into the office/playroom. It was the best $20 I have spent in a loooonnnggg time.

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