Friday, October 2, 2009

Career Stuff

Remember how I said I decided I wanted to be an Event Planner? I am actually following through with this idea.

Last week (before Hubbs went into Extreme Saving Mode) I was cruising eBay and came across the Knot's Ultimate Wedding Planner for $4.


That came in the mail yesterday. I leafed through it while I was waiting on the potatoes to turn into hashbrowns. But since I was trying to do 2 things at once, I didn't get too deep into it. I did notice some awesome checklists which is very appealing to my analness.

I am really excited to be able to sit down and really read it, hopefully tonight while sitting in the bathtub, sipping a Cosmopolitan.

Another sign that I just might actually pull it off? I have started talking about it face to face with some of my friends and famdamily. Now I have to at least try.

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