Friday, October 2, 2009

Low Cost Dinner

An Extreme Saving Mode post today.

In order to stay accountable in the whole "cooking from the pantry and stockpile" thing I talked about yesterday, I am going to have to blog about what I made for dinner and maybe how much it cost.

You all will keep me in check right? Spank me when I cave and get fast food or delivery, ok?

Last night I dug through the fridge to find dinner. Hubbs has already caved and offered to order a Dominos Pizza (one of my weaknesses). But I stood my ground and told him he was being a lazy ass.

We have so much in our fridge right now that it is almost impossible to find anything. Cleaning out the fridge is the first thing on my vacation to-do list.

So back to what I cooked for dinner. Bacon, eggs and browns. Breakfast for dinner doesn't happen very often at our house anymore so it was a nice treat.

I got the bacon on sale last week for 2/$6 and used 2 $1 coupons so was $2/lb. I used 1/2 lb last night. I got the eggs for free since they didn't get rang up at the register. I noticed it when I was looking over my receipt later that day and I did call Safeway but they told me not to worry about it. They should have been $.99 for 18 and used 6. And the potatoes were 5 lbs/$.99. I used 4 large potatoes so maybe 2 lbs. The bacon was pretty fatty so no other grease was needed.

1/2 lb bacon: $1.00
6 eggs: $.30
2 lbs potatoes: $.38
Total cost of dinner: $1.68 for 4 people.
The cost of the pizza Hubbs wanted to order: $14.00

Not too bad. I found a bunch of recipes yesterday that have ingredients I think I already have. Well, most of the ingredients. I think after I clean out the fridge tomorrow I am going to sit down with the Safeway ad and figure out what I need to add to the grocery list for Sunday.

Damn, I just realized that if it wasn't for Hubbs beer, I would have a teeny grocery bill. Maybe I will have to do a separate transaction for the beer and see how low I can get my bill.

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