Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Back To Work

Hubbs left yesterday morning to chase his job. Luckily he got into a depot that is only the next state over instead of all they way across the country. He has to do 14 unpaid training trips but after that, he will be getting paid the big bucks again.

Hooray! The boys miss him terribly already but I keep telling them that Hubbs will be able to come home every 5-7 days. And even better? It looks like he will be able to work there for as long as he wants to. I guess it is a huge train yard and the pay isn't all that great so nobody really wants to work it if they can hold anywhere else. But not so great pay is much better than unemployment.

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kimbosue said...

You are correct. Something is better than nothing!

Glad he can come home and see you guys every few days.