Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Car

Well, we bought a new car today.

We went to see an Impala and ended up with a bright red Dodge Charger.

The Impala was what we had decided on but then we found out the Charger was only $1k more. That was the end of the Impala.

I FINALLY have a fun car again.

I am SO not sad to see the HHR go bye bye. The car place is giving us the payoff amount ($7k) so we wont have to roll anything into the new loan.

Even better? We don't need a co-signer. Hubbs and I brought our credit scores up enough to qualify on our own with a decent interest rate. AND we are going to pay it off early. Right now we have $8k in credit card debt (down from $40k+ a few years ago) . Since Hubbs is working again, these will (hopefully) all be paid off in 4 months. Then we are going to start making higher payments on the car to get it paid off in 2 years, maybe less.

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