Monday, April 19, 2010

It's 9:30 P.M.

and I should be getting ready for bed.

But what am I doing? Listening to Billy Idol and painting my kitchen.

Well, painting with primer and not the whole kitchen, just where the stove is going tomorrow.

The old stove got taken out and I almost threw up when I saw what kind of yuck I was dealing with. There was so much gross under the stove it was embarrassing. I was hunkered down with my teeny broom and dustpan sweeping up the dog food when I noticed the mouse poop. Barf. We haven't fed the dogs in the kitchen in over a year so I have convinced myself that the poo was from then. The floor got bleached and then I scrubbed it with 409 and a toothbrush. My floors are now cleaner than they were when the tile was installed.

And the walls. OMG the walls were just as nasty. The areas I can reach are clean but behind the stove is another story. It was so bad that after scrubbing with 1)Vinegar, 2) 409 and then 3) a Mr Clean Magic Eraser, it still looked horrible. Some spots I had scrubbed the paint off and other spots were stained.

So I decided to primer it. It should be dry now.

Off to put a 2nd coat on the walls and find a mouse trap. Just. In. Case.

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kimbosue said...

EEEEK! (no pun intended)