Thursday, April 29, 2010

Damn This Wind

We have been having a horrible windstorm (70 mph gusts) since around 10:00 yesterday morning. The highway has been shut down since 11:00 am because the dirt blowing around is so thick that you cant see 5 feet in front of you. Since the highway is shut down, there are semi trucks and RVs parked on every street on both sides. It is close to impossible to drive down the main roads. All us locals are having to use the back roads. It sucks. And it gets worse.

Well, as I was going to bed last night, I happened to look out the kitchen window into the back yard. Our trampoline had flown around the laundry room, over a 4-foot fence, over a 15-foot crab apple tree, over another 4-foot fence, and into our neighbors side yard. It was sitting on its side against their house. I stood there for a few seconds in shock. After I composed myself, I made Hubbs get off his ass to come look.

After he saw that I wasn't kidding, he called our neighbors to come out and look too. They were amazed that nothing was busted and their DirecTv satellite was still intact. Between the 4 of us, we got the trampoline off its side (it is straddling the fence, half on our side and half on their side) and secured by tie-ing it to the fence and are going to deal with getting it back where it is supposed to go as soon as the wind dies down.

Ugh. I would have never thought that the wind would get so bad that our trampoline would go flying through the air. I would bet that it weighs 200+ pounds. We are SO lucky that no one was outside when it happened and that nothing was damaged. I am going to order trampoline anchors this morning so it doesn't happen again.

At least we get to go pick up our new car today?

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