Monday, April 19, 2010

I Broke It

So...............I broke my oven.


Ok, everybody show me your surprised face!

The last time I used it, I baked a cake. When I tried to use it Thursday night, it wouldn't work. The pilot light comes on but the gas can't get to the flame.

Friday night, I kept turning the knob and listening for the gas to hiss but nothing. Plus I kicked it a couple of times, just in case kicking something that was broken would magically make it work again.

Saturday was crazy busy with T-ball opening day crap so I didn't even think about the oven.

Sunday I was craving Baked Mac & Cheese so I broke down and called my dad. He came by, got his old ass on the floor, opened up the little oven thing on the bottom and said......"The gas isn't getting to your pilot light."

No shit dad! That is what I told you over the phone. LoL

He says that it would cost more to fix it than to buy a new stove since there isn't anyone here in town that we know of that fixes appliances.

Today, my parents met me at the furniture store and I picked out a new stove. I told the store owner to put it on Hubbs' account but my parents insisted on paying for it.

My old stove was at least 7 years old but probably closer to 15. We got it used from a family friends estate sale. It was plain and hillbilly. There were only 3 knobs on it when we got it, 2 burners and the oven knob. We ended up losing 1 of the burner knobs years ago. Plus the back two burners didn't work. It was defiantly time for something new.

My new stove has a self cleaning oven, a timer and a clock, plus a simmer burner. The self cleaning oven and the simmer burner are tied as to which feature I am most excited about. Oh, and it is white! Not off white and black like the old one or avocado green like what was in there when we moved in.

How lame am I to be SO excited over such a simple stove? I really can't wait for it to be installed tomorrow because I am TIRED of the microwave and the crockpot.

The bad thing is that as soon as the old stove is moved out tonight, I get to start scrubbing the walls and floors to get all the yuck off. I had other plans for tonight: sitting on my ass in front of the T.V. But at least it is something that I can cross off my spring cleaning list.

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kimbosue said...

YAY for new appliances. Bought ourselves new front loading washer and dryer last night. YIPPEE!