Thursday, April 22, 2010

Small Appliances

How do you all store your small appliances?

I have a hall closet that I am trying to organize. It is my project for the rest of the week and weekend. Eventually I would like to be able to put our extra sheets and blankets in it instead of them being stacked a mile high on my dresser. My problem is that the hall closet is full of the small appliances that I don't have room for on the kitchen counter.

This is what all is in the closet: Belgian Waffle Iron, George Foreman Grill, hand mixer, small crockpot, electric can opener, electric griddle, a bunch of cookie cutters, a double boiler, a toaster, a Fry Daddy, Iced Tea Maker, another deep fryer, toaster oven, an electric cheese grater thing, bread machine, large crockpot, stand mixer and a spare coffee maker.

We use about half that stuff at least once a week, about 1/4 of the stuff once or twice a month and the other 1/4 just once in a while.

All of my kitchen cabinets are full of stuff we use (almost) every day. The cabinet above my stove has my glass baking dishes. Next to that are the plates and bowls. In the corner top are my "good" dishes and cups. In the corner bottom are my pots and pans. In the top cabinet next to that are my cookbooks. Above my sink is cereal and assorted breakfast stuff. Under my sink are dog treats, dish soap, baggies, trash bags, chips and canning jars. Top 2 cabinets next to the sink are my Tupperware type stuff, round in one, square in another. The last 2 top cabinets have liquor in them. The bottom last cabinet has mixing bowls and the long BBQ grill utensils like tongs and flippers.

I guess I *could* put some of the things on the kitchen counter, like the toaster, the can opener and maybe the George Foreman grill. I just hate how cluttered it looks and how it takes up the counter space. It is bad enough with the microwave and the good coffee pot there right now.

I would LOVE to be able to put in an island to store it all in but then I wouldn't have room for the kitchen table. Is there any way that an island could be used as a dining space? I honestly have no idea because I am not really in to that kind of stuff.

Help!!!! Links to whatever you suggest are very much appreciated. I am off to Google some things.

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