Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Christmas Presents

Its that time of year again. Its time for me to start thinking about Christmas presents and how I am going to pay for everything.

I usually wait until the week before Christmas to order presents and pictures for the Scrapbooks, even though I start feeling the internal nagging to start doing this stuff in the summertime. Summertime, when the prices are low and I have the time to start my projects.

Last year I really screwed up. I ordered everything (like almost $700 worth) from Kohls around Thanksgiving. Part of my order showed up, another part got lost and the most important parts got cancelled. PANIC!!!!!! And lots of crying and stressing. I sent nice emails. I sent angry emails. Every day. I called and was nice. I called and was mean. Also every day. I called and told them I was never going to shop in their stores again and neither would any of my friends and family. None of it did any good. They suck.

So a few days before Christmas, I had to go buy presents to replace the ones that never showed up. That was fun.

Kohls had no explanation about why they cancelled some of the order and where the rest of my order had ended up. They tried to blame UPS but the tracking service showed that the packages were still sitting on Kohl's shipping dock.

After bothering them every single day for months, I finally got a refund. In February. Yes, February.
So this year, I am feeling that urge to start the Christmas shopping already. And I am buying all the stuff right now so that I have no excuse to put it off until November again. I hope.

I cant wait until the stuff from Ebay that I ordered today. I have to talk to Hubbs about a few more things but I am sure I will get my way since he really does not ever want anything to do with shopping. The less he has to do with it, the better, or so he thinks.

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