Monday, July 14, 2008

I Confess

I spent some money on myself on Friday. And then again today.

I hardly ever spend money on myself. I am working so hard to get my debt under control that I forget that I need stuff too. I have no problems spending money on Hubbs or on the boys.

So while I was cruising Ebay for stuff for the other people in my life I decided to just peek at one of the things I used to buy on a regular basis. Jeans. More specifically, Plastic by GLY.

Plastic are the most comfortable, flaw hiding, wear like steel jeans I have ever had. After birthing 2 good sized babies (wow how hillbilly does that sound?), I have 1 pair of Plastics that still fit. And it makes me sad that the other pairs (like 15 pairs) don't fit and never will again.

So I bought 3 new-to-me pairs of jeans. I got a pair of Plastic, a pair of Stone Age, and a pair of X2. Total with shipping? $47.95 Score! Plastic jeans usually run $65-75 a pair brand new. Super bargain.

Then, this morning I was stopping by MDU to check out the latest snark and I found out that they have set up a store! Awesome!!!! So I bought myself this new bag. It shows off my new found love of coupons.


The Drama Mama said...

Ahhhh!!! You just made my day!!

I really hope you like it!!

Joyce said...

No need to feel guilty at all! You gotta wear clothes, right? And finding jeans that fit is like finding a 20-karat yellow diamond in your back yard... impossible! So enjoy them and flaunt them proudly.