Thursday, July 3, 2008

I am a walking disaster today

Its barely 9:00 AM and I have already decided that I should have stayed in bed and called in spastic (its like calling in sick but being honest).

We received a piece of glass and I needed to write what vehicle it fits. So I took one of the "Big glASS" paint markers from the counter and went into my parts room. When I took the lid off, the whole freaking top part came off and the paint spilled all over 3 windshields, the ground and my hands. Luckily our detail guy came to my rescue and said he would take care of cleaning the shit up.

Now my hands are Sponge Bob yellow. How attractive. Thankfully I only have a half day of work because of the holiday tomorrow. I think that if I had to be here longer than absolutely necessary, I might accidentally burn the damn building to the ground.

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