Friday, November 28, 2008

Back from Black Friday Shopping

Wow. I have never seen our Walmart so busy! The parking lot was packed.

I picked up my sister at 5:15 and got to Walmart about 5 minutes later. By the time we got there, all the carts were gone. I finally had to stand by the cart corral and wait for someone to bring a cart back. Luckily I saw someone I knew and offered to take their cart back inside for them. LoL

I went over my budget. I spent $241.52 but I had a blast.

This is what I got:

1 6 foot Christmas Tree $25.00
1 Bissell Vacuum $28.00
1 50 piece canister of Play-Doh $10.00
1 100 piece Mega Block Lego type things $10.00
1 Surge Protector $9.94
10 Bath Towels $1.50 ea
1 Hand/Stand Mixer $15.00
1 GE Microwave $25.00
1 28 piece Rubbermade Foodstorage things $7.00
2 Kids Sleeping Bags (1 Sponge Bob and 1 Wall-E) $15.00 ea
1 2 pack DVD (Ratatouille) $10.00
2 Toothbrush/Cup Sets (1 Sponge Bob and 1 Spider Man) $5.00 ea
2 Dog Toy Stockings $5.00 ea
4 Sippy Cups $2.96 x2 and $7.68
and 2 BBQ Rib Sandwiches $1.50 ea

I am on such a bargain high.


Joyce said...

WOW! You did well. We didn't even brave it until evening time. And then just got a couple small things.

Samantha said...

Thanks! I was scared when I pulled into the parking lot. LoL